Visual communication in architecture is a permanent challenge.

More than a singularity, a project is the sum of its concept, ideas and inherent mechanics. During the development process, each stage requires adapted presentation techniques, while the final version wants to express the complex context that stands at its base.

Our expertise in both architecture and visual communication allows us to offer the best solutions suited to the context of your projects and needs.

Please take a look at our portfolio for a selection of our creations.

Our intervention can prove itself useful in each phase of project development.

From early stages, study models can be rapidly obtained and adapted. Flexibility is the key-word here.

As professionals we know how to translate the architectural lingo and concepts into corresponding visuals. It’s all about having the best feed-back, to be able to compare, analyze and evolve throughout the design process.

Early drafts can be useful later on.

Showing the design process at different points, they can be used in the final presentation.

Sometimes it’s the best way to reveal the intimate “matter” that gives life to a final project.

Their iconic character proves to be a very powerful instrument, offering unique feedback quality and identity to the project.

The common design process often focuses on descriptive elements like plans, elevations and alike while a work-in-progress model offers the possibility to capture unique perspectives revealing various expressions otherwise unattainable.

Creating in-house intermediate perspectives is a time-consuming task, often unreliable. We can offer real time assistance and visual feedback to your design.

And, of course, the final images. From photorealistic to conceptual, from day to night, from pedestrian level to aerial view.

The options are countless.

Please take a look at our portfolio for a selection of our creations.